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  1. DumbCrow

    Lost and Thirsty (For water)

    "Heuhhh" Ortha groans under the heat of the beaming sun as they slog through the streets of downtown Santa Noche. "Sssss" They hissed as they slinked into a back alley between to towering buildings, undoing buttons from a green splotched trench coat to allow a hint of steam to rise from...
  2. DumbCrow

    Alive Ortha Gren

    Name: Ortha Gren Age: 20 Gender: Creature They/them Seeming: Wilders Court: N/A Appearance Lankily built at 5'7" ( 170.18cm ) their body is a sickly green hue with a matted mess of black hair covering all of the face aside from piercing yellow eyes. The creature's shoulders are narrow with...