A Broken Umbrella

Melody Bell

Miss Bell
Character Sheet
Mel wasn't sure exactly what she just experienced. There was enough alcohol in her system between the drinks she had earlier, and the one she just had now to ensure the entire thing was a blur. Yet that didn't stop the feeling of it all being too surreal from encapsulating within her thoughts. Were it not for the creeps, she would've explored it then and there but first they had to get away from it all.

Thankfully the little show had caused enough confusion and panic in this would-be James that even his friends seemed to take pause. Which of course only made the thoughts race faster inside Mel's tipsy little head. In fact, she was so lost in thought that it took them rounding the corner before she realized they were back outside, and the lukewarm drizzle once again berated her messy hair.

She stopped suddenly and stumbled against the brick façade of some boutique, and began to take a very long and dramatic deep breath. She looked up slowly along the pavement, up her shoes, and across the outline of Rain before her eyes settled upon the woman with an expression of disbelief.

"What happened?" She asked, but then immediately retracted the question. "Nevermind..." Mel looked back to the corner they rounded and made sure she didn't see any of those assholes following them. "Let's keep walking?"