Red Light District Clinic Couture


Dr. Chen, "Vera", Clinic Owner/Funeral Director.
They/Them, on occasion she/her, rarely he/him
Character Sheet
The bright light of an afternoon sun, a time after morning classes, one Amandine Blondin finds herself in front of a Clinic. At least, what she thinks is the clinic going by the business card, the outside looking more like a future scene for a bad horror film, or an article you read in trashy magazines about 'haunted' places.

The newer entrance, clean parking lot, and hints of a lovely garden in the back though, do ease some suspicions. (See here and a few posts down, for background details.)

Some of it expected from her Garou friend, whether the Mage and doctor within, held the air of the 'Children of Gaia', with the healing arts of a Theurge, was still to be seen. How Amandine approached the place was up to her as well, to head to the door in the Homid fashion, to snoop as a Lupus, or even burst in as a Crinos!

Whatever she did to look further, with her senses of a Garou alone, there was an odd air about the building, with a slight tug towards the back, like an instinct or similar.