General Rules

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Community Rules

1.) Always be respectful. You're writing and talking with other people who have different levels of comfort and experiences. Try to keep that in mind when engaging with people in our community, especially those you may not know. If someone asks you not to say or do something because it makes them uncomfortable, we ask that you respect their boundaries with no questions asked.

2.) Hateful speech and actions are not tolerated. You will be banned immediately for deliberate acts of hate and/or hateful content. This includes but is not limited to: Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexual harassment, coercion, peer pressure, verbal abuse, etc. If someone points out that something you've said may be incorrect or offensive, please understand it's to make this a more inclusive space and not to embarrass or punish you.

Forum Rules

1.) Do not use or post unauthorized media. Cite digital assets and artwork, linking back to their original source. Do not use images depicting real people outside of popular media (i.e. character portrayals in film and television), this includes models or photography of celebrities in everyday situations.

2.) Use content warnings on all mature-themed content. We are an 18+ forum, but you still need to clarify any and all mature content in your threads via content warnings. Please either include them in the title or very clearly at the beginning of your posts. This includes explicit sex sequences, excessive/gratuitous violence, and torture. You can find more examples and an explainer here. For restrictions please visit our Roleplay Rules.

3.) Stay on topic. All threads belong in their corresponding forums (e.g. in-character threads belong in the roleplaying forums, out-of-character threads belong in the discussion forum). As well, all posts should remain relevant to the original context of the thread--no derailing discussions.

4.) Do not advertise on our forums. Do not use our forums as a platform to advertise other websites or services. There may be an exception for things like art commissions or charitable causes, in which case you can first ask an Admin for permission.

5.) Report any concerning content or situations to the staff team. If you encounter anything that's concerning, or that you feel is in violation of our rules, please do not hesitate to bring this to our attention. You can either message an Admin or Mod directly, or you can use the Report button that exists under every post.
Not open for further replies.