Red Light District Green Burrow Court - Dr. Chen's Clinic / Green Burrow Mortuary

A new business is in Santa Noche, on the fringe of the red light district, facing towards Oldtown, just down the center of Green Burrow Court. Not the best neighborhood or place of business, abandoned in part due to some fires and development issues, one large three story, or four if you count the rare basement, still stands intact and in some semblance of use.

At least there’s always parking space, a small blessing in a typically busy city.

Despite the ground floor windows being boarded up, and the outside still showing some scorch marks over the brick and mortar parts, the fairly clean parking lot, and tended garden in the backlot, show clear signs of business and life.

The aged wooden doors are flanked by a new pair of guardian lions installed, with two metal placards set on the sides of the arched entrance way.
On one side there is “Dr. Chen’s Offices & Clinic”, giving details for contact and open hours, in bright silver lettering, while on the other-
“Green Burrow Mortuary” in a more muted bronze plaque, with info of being appointments and emergencies only.

Whether you are a wanderer, a curious cat, or a potential client of either side of the business, whatever the reasons, it is free for one to explore and approach as desired.

Facing the building from the street, aside from the entrance in the center, to the left is the parking lot, swept clean with sturdy lampposts installed, that are worse for wear but still functional. On the right is a driveway, signs and notices asking for it to be kept clear, for emergency vehicles, with rather pointed warnings of consequences if obstructed.

Down that way are some trash cans, the hints of a garage, as well as a wider entrance and ramps, for heavier goods, or patients in need. From either side further down, the back lot is visible, and going by the lush greenery, a rather verdant garden is present.

A splash of color that stands out, and gives a little more Life to an otherwise quiet Court.

The other 'buildings' around, are little more than piles of rubble, things that not even the homeless and poor would ever care to shelter in, or are so trashed that it would be a stretched to call each a skeleton of a structure.

The old wooden doors despite their appearance, opened on hinges that didn't creak, squeak, or give some other bleak sound that one might expect. Rather quiet, smooth as silk in the swing, and to the discerning eye with the interior revealed, thicker than normal with reinforced hinges, and push bars installed instead of handles.

Beyond the entrance came a rush of cool conditioned air with the opening, filled with a pleasant scent of mint, lavender, and lemon. The immediate sounds were of muted hums of technology hard at work to keep it that way, alongside lights bright enough for things to be clear, but dim just so, to make things easy on the eyes. The trickle of water from a fixture further in, made for a calming babble and bubble in the space.

A sharp contrast to the exterior, the inside of what one could safely assume was a lobby, was clean, fresh, walls painted a light teal of fairer seas. All around for a fairly wide open area that could comfortably seat twenty to the right, with furnishings in a muted brown from the seats and small tables with lamps on them.

To the left partitioned by a wall with a rectangular opening, angled diagonally slightly so one seated could view both the entrance and waiting area, was what looked like a cross between a receptionist workspace, and a desk for a harbor master or seasoned sailor. Seashells, knickknacks, and navigation tools aged, but shiny, displayed proudly for viewing.

Past that were obvious file cabinets, computers, and other typical odds and ends that came with an office space, and just visible beyond the front desk and lobby, a pair of hospital-style double doors with small windows set, stood securely shut. Not far from it to the right, was the water fixture heard, a series of stony circular pools fed by source unseen, the look of it to give the air of coastal tide pools in a way.

Overall the room gave the air of being what some dreamed of, for the piers and harbor, down to the hint of salt in the air when one took a few steps in on the vinyl sheet flooring.

A short walk over the pavement and painted white lines that marked the lot, would lead one to an open garden, with a metal bar fence all along the property border. If one expected planter boxes and neat rows, or something more ornamental and organized, they would be sorely wrong.

At a glance the garden was an overgrown mess of various bushes, trees, flowers, bits and pieces, odds and ends. Not enough to really obscure the surroundings or make it hard to see the center, a circular area with some seating and a fountain, a small figure there in scrubs and a doctor's coat, simply seated and sipping tea on a stone bench.

The only clear cut path to them a stepping stone trail that looked to wind and spiral about the garden, unless one wanted to stomp through the brush and growth.

Following the path would lead one around the garden, along it a pattern in the chaos might be noticed, of plants left to grow on their own, but in a way that balanced things in a sense. This tree let these vines grow there, a bush here made a nice wall, to dissuade anyone from stepping on some flowers.

If one was more knowledgeable of plants, they could also spot more than a few less common edible ones, among common ones too, and some used for medicinal and herbal purposes.
The path would end with one in the central area, an odd feeling of being rather refreshed, having taken time to walk the path.

A better view of the central area, it was mostly grey in tone with furnishings of stone, the fountain small but sticking out with a pearly white, and three tiers for water to flow from the top-down.