Alive Kaiennenhawi


Character Sheet
Character Info
: Kaiennenhawi (lit: she carries her footsteps); Abigail Waters (Anglicized name)
Age: Appears to be early/mid 20s (Embraced 1126 CE) // 7th generation (8 generations removed from Caine)
Gender: Female (she/her)

Clan: Masquerades as Ventrue
Sect: Independent

Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Obtenebration
Compulsion: Members of this clan struggle to make decisive decisions. They have to be aware of all relevant details before they do so; however, what is actually relevant is also a matter for discussion and debate.
Bane: Unknown.

The first thing most people notice about her over anything else is the age apparent in her eyes. Despite appearing as a young woman, there is a look to her dark eyes that speaks to something ancient. Aside from this there is nothing particularly different about her, and were it not for her lack of worldliness in regards to modern times no one would look twice.

She is 5'3" with deep sepia skin, a strangely pallid undertone to it that can be credited to her present existence. Long, dark hair is worn loose down her back, and she looks for all the world just another twenty-something, though her extreme age is evident the moment she speaks.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ With Age Comes Wisdom: Once one has lived for over nine hundred years, they learn a lot. After existing for just short of a millennium, Kaiennenhawi has learned a lot about the world she lives in and the people that inhabit it. From the beginning of colonization to the eventual slow industrialization, she's seen a lot. This grants her intelligence and wisdom far beyond her apparent age, even in modern nights with so much having changed.

+ The Long Game: After living for a handful of centuries, plans become far more long-lived. Where before all plots were limited to the end of one's life, now they can extend into eternity. This has given her the ability to plan far into the future, carefully patient as she waits for decades of work to come to fruition.

- Out of Her Time: Despite all of her age, Kaiennenhawi is entirely new to the modern nights. Having gone into torpor sometime in the early 19th century, it's safe to say she's missed the entirety of modern history. This puts her at an obvious and extreme disadvantage, and she has far too much to learn about a brand new world in a short amount of time - for any Kindred would quickly take advantage of a displaced elder to advance their own power.

- The Thinker: As is typical of her clan, she enjoys thinking things over, pondering all her options before committing to any particular action. And just as it has been the very real downfall of her clan in the past, so has it been and continues to be for her. Waiting too long to act can have disastrous and sometimes deadly consequences, something she has erred closely to several times.

There is very little Kaiennenhawi remembers from her childhood, but one thing she can recall perfectly still is how calm and perfect life was then. Though not carefree by any means, life as a girl was far simpler than unlife as it was then and continues to be. Born in what is now New York State in the Kanienʼkehá꞉ka nation, her early life is mostly unremarkable, typical for her time and difficult for her to recall nowadays. The first thing that really stands out to her is the moment her life ended.

There was no traumatic death that preceded her entrance into unlife. Instead she was approached openly by a member of what would become her clan, and explained the offer that awaited her before being asked to make a choice. It was a lofty prospect for anyone to consider, let alone one who had seen so little of life in the beginning of her twenties. Like most mortals, she had perhaps an idealized imagination of this prospective new existence, but more than that Kaiennenhawi wanted to be around to experience the future, and not just the one available to her in her lifetime.

For the next century she remained with her sire, the two eventually losing contact. Despite how much had changed she maintained a distant connection with her tribe, keeping them at a comfortable distance for their safety as much as hers. Not much about her existence changed then, truthfully, aside from the adoption of a strictly nocturnal lifestyle and change in diet. A strange sense of normalcy remained as she continued to mingle with her tribe, but as she would be quick to learn, unlife was never so peaceful for long.

Her people were among the first to make contact with the Europeans, and for a short time it seemed to progress almost harmoniously. Soon enough violence broke out, and her band was caught up in it, and that distance between her and her people no longer existed as she fought alongside them. For centuries she continued to push back against encroachment into Native lands, soon finding herself standing alongside peoples she had never met as they were pushed further and further west. It was there, ultimately, that her fighting would end, more than two centuries after it began.

Whether due to injury or her own unwillingness to witness further destruction is unclear, but Kaiennenhawi went into torpor in what is now California in the early 19th century, and is only now beginning to stir.