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Liam McGrath

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Character Sheet
Liam McGrath

Name: Liam "Lone Wolf" McGrath
Age: Appears to be in his 30s but is actually over 300 years old
Gender: Male (He/Him)

Clan: City Gangrel
Sect: Anarch

Disciplines: Animalism (1), Fortitude (2), Protean (1)
Generation: 9th
Predator: Alleycat

Liam is a rawboned beast made of muscles and a phylacteral fortress of bones, holding in them heaven's war-time scriptures. See him wrought from iron, his face contrived through battle and a relentless sun, baked into leather and hardened with the wrinkles and cracks of military tours.

Beneath a fringe of dark hair, his black stare is raw and primal like a screaming prophet savaged by the awesome word of divinity. When he moves he is truculent and when he speaks it is with the inflection of rural men muddled with drops of noble blood and destiny in his veins. It is low and heavy as it trundles across the spine and down into the heart.

At A Glance

  • Athletic/muscular build
  • Large frame, tanned
  • Beard and moustache
  • Piercing green eyes
  • Thick/long chestnut hair
  • Ambidextrous
Apparel & Accessories
Usually wears earth tones and casual clothing; belted jeans, steel toed leather boots, long sleeved cotton shirt (half-buttoned) and a suede trench coat. The look is completed with a western hat which has an osprey feather tucked in.

A quiet observer, Liam believes in the economy of effort. He likes to solve problems and issues on the cuff and will think about the best possible way utilizing the least amount of effort or input. He is flexible and adaptable and very comfortable with change or crisis management. He does not like traditional policies and procedureFFFFFFs and often tries to get around them for efficiency.

Likes & Dislikes

  1. Perseverants (L)
  2. Risk-takers (L)
  3. Animal lovers (L)
  4. Hypocrites (D)
  5. Pedophiles (D)
  6. Animal abusers (D)

Strengths & Weaknesses
Good Listener
Self Reliant
May Appear Insensitive
Handles Conflict Well
Risky Behavior
Positive Outlook on (Un)Life
Private & Reserved
Apt Problem Solver
Easily Bored

  1. Borderline: emotional instability. Borderline characters suffer heavy mood swings, sometimes taking their anger out on themselves. Their relationships with others tend to be intense and conflict-ridden.
  2. Schizoid: dislike of company. Schizoid characters prefer to be left alone, rejecting the need for social acceptance or attention. They also truly prefer this state of things.
  3. Choleric: tends to have a short temper and likely becomes angered or even violent when his ambitions are thwarted.

Liam was born into a minor noble family in Ireland, so minor was their family that no records were ever seen by historians and genealogists alike. Growing up with an older brother who was gifted with a brawn that would make the knees of any soldier shake, Liam was forced to develop his smarts as to be noticed by his family and noticed he was. One day when he was about eight and ten years of age, he was able to beat his older brother in a friendly bout with swords. Not by being stronger nor by being the speedier of the two but by finding a gap in the pattern his brother used in attacking him. Accepting his defeat, Liam's brother praised his younger sibling and taught him more about living the life of a man. Hunting, fighting, tending to their livestock and politics. Liam learned with much gusto and cherished these moments and embraced the knowledge he accumulated.

One night, Liam's father was summoned by the town council for a meeting and being that he was not well, sent Liam in his stead as he trusted his lad's keen senses when it came to these talks of politics and of his son's quick wit when being interpolated about the points he raised. The meet was a serious one and discussed the formation of an alliance with various families and clans to strengthen their forces against the English (who wanted to force a commonwealth parliamentary union of England, Scotland and Ireland), a possibility Liam was sure to push through if not mixed with politics. Many a nay-sayer was in attendance at the meeting and needless to say the alliance was yet to be realized and won't be for several more years. On his way home, Liam noticed something out of the ordinary as the hour was to early for his brother to not be making merry with his friends by drinking and singing their lungs off.

The sudden throaty war cry that emanated from within their house cued Liam to jump off his horse and rush in to assists his da and his brother. The scene as he entered made Liam think that he has lost all his mental faculties and was now a skip away from being insane. His brother lay on the floor like a discarded rag covered in blood which was still flowing from a wound on his chest. In the middle of the room stood a brawny man with lupine features, dressed like destitute wayfarer. He was holding his father - a bull of a man - by the throat, while he knelt in front of him as if in supplication.

"Let go of me da you he-devil or by God as me witness, I'll drop you where you stand." exclaimed Liam in a less than threatening manner. "I'll be with you in a bit, boy. I'll have to finish my business with this ungrateful bastard." the man said and then bit into Liam's da's neck and seemed to have been drinking his blood. That fact was confirmed when he faced Liam. That was it, forget about vengeance, forget about logic, no reasoning was needed in the moment that followed. Liam kicked a chair that went flying towards the man's face surely obscuring the attacker's vision of him. Before the chair hit the wayfarer, Liam was already in motion, using another chair for leverage, he lunged at the intruder, his sword poised to strike. NO! The demon merely swatted the chair away with his left hand and with his right hand grabbed the sword from Liam's grip and maneuvering the latter into his deadly embrace.

The first century and a half as a vampire of the Gangrel clan was hard for Liam. Not only did he battle with his morals whenever he had to feed but the greatest battle he fought was the one in his mind. A battle that would soon end when he met with others who told him to "embrace the gift of our paragon for through it we become the better of our kind". Liam didn't understand what the cryptic words meant until he just did what was asked of him and gave in to the pull he felt. Liam would then turn his back on his sire that he didn't care to know and travel with the other Gangrels he met. From his many teachers, Liam learned about the legacy unique to their clan and of the disciplines he would soon develop to a usable degree until one night parted ways with his group when he crossed paths with an alluring vampire of the Tremere clan.

A deep relationship bloomed from their unlikely alliance, although Liam would soon find out that she was only after the secret of his clan's legacy when she told him that she would want to learn it herself and in return teach him a path of his choosing from her clan's secrets. A decision she would soon look back as a bad one wherein Liam has progressed well under her tutelage, she felt her mind go down into a downward spiral every time Liam tried to teach her how to tap into the cobweb. It was time, he thought, they parted ways. Their differences proved to be too much to keep the offbeat friendship, alive.

One night, without saying anything to Rowena - Liam simply left - leaving no tracks and no word, behind. He would then find his way to America on a ship called the Mayflower. After setting foot on the new soil that would become his haven from this point onward. He would venture far into the west, avoiding the indigenous people and local population whenever possible or until the need to feed arose.

From dusk till dawn, he would spend many decades in this strange new world honing his kindred abilities and learning to use them to his full advantage - before settling at long last, at what would eventually become the esoteric metropolis known as Santa Noche.
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