Website Update Locations Forum & RP Thread Prefixes added (Aug-22-2021)


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Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that we've made a few quality of life improvements to the website. The very first thing we've added is a Locations directory which you can find under the Lore button in the navigation. All writers are free to create their own locations within Santa Noche and post to them to that section. This could be a business, a club, your own home, or some other point of interest. I will be creating a (totally optional!) template later to serve as a basis should anyone want it.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • You can post threads, but you cannot reply to them.
  • The thread list itself is in alphanumerical order (0-9, A-Z).
  • Threads are formatted as articles, so your postbit (the little avatar and user info on the left) will be at the bottom of each thread.
We've also added new thread prefixes to the roleplaying section. For example, you can see this thread has the prefix "Website Update." All of the new prefixes are assigned to specific locations you can find in the Santa Noche lore. All future threads posted in Open Roleplaying, Closed Roleplaying, Mature Roleplaying, and Locations will require you to choose an available prefix. This is intended to help users understand where a thread is taking place, but we are aware that locations do change as stories progress so don't feel like you have to constantly update it!

That being said, anyone should be able to add prefixes to threads they've created by simply editing their original post.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me or another staff member know. Happy roleplaying!