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World of Darkness Roleplay is proudly developed and moderated by a team of volunteers. You can learn more about each member and what they do below!

Nyx (She/They) • Head Admin • Profile

Nyx is our resident lore keeper and responsible for a lot of the core story aspects of the site as it exists at the time of launch (we have all of you to thank for what it becomes as things progress). If you have any questions about the site's story or setting, she'll be your best bet to get those answered - please don't hesitate to reach out either on the site or through our Discord! Her hobbies include naps, looking at excessively lewd, Sapphic artwork on Twitter, and running the site's premier newdie club.

Follow Nyx: @Nyxess#1337 on Discord

VHS (He/They) • Admin • Profile

VHS is responsible for all of the technical aspects of the website and Discord server. He is also responsible for all of the artwork and digital assets on the website. VHS can be found playing Final Fantasy XIV and is a fan of RPGs and strategy games. He also enjoys watching period dramas, science fiction, and a variety of cash grab film sagas. When he's offline, he's usually asleep or walking around a city or forest.

Follow VHS: Nowhere. He doesn't know how social media works and at this point is too afraid to ask.

Khaai (They/Them) • Mod • Profile

Khaai (or Jordan) is the resident moderator and responsible for keeping people in line (they think)! They are still relatively new to the setting and learning more every day, and are mostly just along for the ride. In their free time they enjoy playing D&D and Final Fantasy XIV, writing bad poetry, and rereading the same book series over again. If they're offline, they're always a few minutes away from checking their phone, so feel free to reach out if you ever need help or just want to chat!

Follow Khaai: @khaai#5411 on Discord
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