Alive Ortha Gren


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Character Sheet
Name: Ortha Gren
Age: 20
Gender: Creature They/them

Seeming: Wilders
Court: N/A


Lankily built at 5'7" ( 170.18cm ) their body is a sickly green hue with a matted mess of black hair covering all of the face aside from piercing yellow eyes. The creature's shoulders are narrow with spindly long arms extending down like branches ending in long twig like witch fingers. Their chest is small and bound up in rags which cover from the neck down to bottoms of the ribs which. Their stomach is unnaturally distended as if always filled to bursting but, seems to exist naturally in this state. The legs of the creature are lanky and simple with webbed feet at the bottom and small thin tail tipping the creature's rear end that peeks from a rag skirt.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+Dark Appetite:
has an iron stomach and a truly twisted meal plan
+Speak with Birds!: They speak of many things though mostly about seeds

-Tied to the Rivers: The river is friend and they must be visited often
-Easily Sway Informant: Simply easy to please with the simplest of things
-Innocence for the beast: Too stupid to lewd (and ugly)
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