Alive Quinn Malveaux

Valequinn de Malveaux

Double Mirage Studio
She , Her
Character Sheet

Quinn Malveaux


"Dance is a form of expression through movements. I dance to interpret songs, feelings.
It is an exquisite art and not meant for all darling, much like an
acquired taste. Oh when the beat drops... I could feel the rthym through my body."


Name: Valequinn de Malveaux
Quinn Malveaux, Quinn, Dancing Quinn
Age: 92 years old ; embraced at 23 years old
Gender: Female ; She/Her

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence
Compulsion: Obsession - Quinn has the obsession on performing arts and often be the judge of it,
uninvited or no when she founds herself in it. Any songs with a beat shall make her hard to concentrate,
not until she had expressed herself on the dance floor.
Bane: Aesthetic Fixation - The Toreador exemplify the old saying that art in the blood takes strange forms.
They desire beauty so intensely that they suffer in its absence.


Naturally, the basics Quinn would have is her blond hair colour, hazel green eyes. If one was to measure her height, she would stand fully at 1.79m. Quinn looks like a lady aged between their early 20's, often mistaken as a girl from Generation Z in the modern world. Most of the times, she wears anything she deems as beautiful through her Toreador eyes, and often dresses her best when she was going out during the night. Little to no time you would find Quinn in her lazy makeup. She was always dress to impress kind of girl. These modern days, she wear modern attires rocking a pair of sneakers, just so she could dance easily. Imagine dancing on high heels, ugh.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Beautiful , Socialite, Self-Confidence,
- Arrogant, Vengeful, Self-centered


Quinn was born on the year 1931, given name Valequinn de Malveaux. Her father was a wealthy estate owner and that was the only it took for her to be raised as a spoiled child. The girl was the only child to be bore, and Quinn was believed to inherit her father's estate and wealth, so she had to learn all the privileged lessons such as ballet and music classes. But living in both World War eras wasn't that easy, especially when the estate was located in the middle of warzone. During the Second World War, Quinn and her family had to evacuate their home. All their wealth was left behind as they used their money to get away from war. With their last money, they bought their tickets to America. Quinn had nowhere to go, and following her father's lead was the only thing she did. The family had went to New Orleans, Louisiana and made it their new home, or at least the closest thing they could get to a home. It was there, Quinn developed her interest in dancing as she had seen people danced in the streets, a celebration of life once the war was over.

The plan was to move back to France, but their fortune did not follow them in New Orleans. They had to start over to pay for the roof, and provide foods. Quinn's father would not take charity from other French families in the area, he was too prideful for that. Quinn on the other hand, had to find a job as she had reached her adult ages. Coming of legal age, her beauty attracted the people at French Quarters, some even offered for her hand. Those who did were entrepreneurs and businessman, confident with their wealthy status. Quinn's father couldn't help but to see it as an opportunity for him to regain his status and wealth class, Quinn was to follow her father's demand. Some of the businessman were young and handsome, so the naive girl thought of the why not, which led her to be engaged to a young entrepreneur, Frank Monroe, who established newspaper for the people in New Orleans and had his business grown during the World War II.

At the age of 23 years old, they got married. Everything was fine and their family had moved to their new mansion, bought by Frank as a "gift" to have Quinn's hand. Being the wife of a rich husband had its perks. She now could afford to go back to dancing lessons, buy dresses of her choices as she used to. But it was fated on that same year, she was to be Embraced. On one fateful night, Quinn had heard some noises in the kitchen. With her husband not in bed, she decided to investigate what he was doing in the kitchen late night. To her surprise, she found her husband on the floor. Before she could move to him, she was grabbed and Embraced.

Her sire was a Camarilla Toreador, and therefore did this with the permission of the Prince. Learning from her sire, she had given up her normal human life after the Embrace, and slowly accepting her undead status. During her time as a Fledgling, she stayed in New Orleans. Only after she had learn to control herself, she went to Santa Norche as someone she knew had spotted her during her night time. Not risking to meet her family, she moved to Sabta Norche.

It was 1963, The big city was a dream for her. A huge hunting ground for the creature of the night as herself. She resided at an apartment in Red Light District. Through the years, she acquired some thralls to work for her as she established her own studio, Double Mirage Studio. A place for those who wishes to pursue in dancing. Quinn offered various type of dance ranging from ballet to hip hop.​