Roleplay Rules

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Roleplaying Rules

1.) All explicitly mature threads belong in the Mature Roleplaying forum. This includes fully detailed sex sequences and extreme violence/gore. Please also follow our general content rules, and our restrictions in the last section of this thread.

2.) Communication and consent are key. You do not have to write with anyone you did not agree with to write with. When writing with other people, please strive to remain communicative and respectful of their wishes as this is a shared writing environment. Contact an Admin or Mod if you experience any issues.

3.) Open vs. Closed roleplaying. Our roleplaying forums are broken down into Open Roleplaying and Closed Roleplaying. An "open" thread means anyone on the board may join without asking the original poster (OP) for consent. However, you cannot force anyone to write with you and vice versa. A "closed" thread means all writers must be expressly invited by the OP.

Character Rules

1.) You do not control any character that isn't your own. You may not portray or write what happens to someone else's character without their consent.

2.) All player characters (PC) must be adults. You may not portray immortal children, or depict your character as appearing underaged. Children do obviously exist, and you may portray them in writing, so long as they are not included in any mature content.

3.) All player characters must be one of our existing monster types. While other monsters and beings do exist in the World of Darkness lore, we are currently restricting play to our existing lineup of monsters. This is something that we may lift at a later time, but remains for the time being.

4.) Your character must be original. Do not use names belonging to popular media, or directly reference themes from other settings or materials. I.e. no roleplaying as vampire batman or an interdimensional traveler from another creative universe.

Content Restrictions

Everything listed below is restricted consent. Violating our restricted content rules will result in the immediate editing or deletion of violating content, and may lead to a permanent ban depending on the context.
  • Child Abuse / Pedophilia
  • Animal Abuse
Please keep in mind Roleplay Rule #2 for everything else. Establishing explicit consent in writing is necessary when portraying scenes that are otherwise shown as non-consensual.
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