Santa Noche

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General Information

Location: The North Coast of California
Place in Time: Present day (literally today)
Population: 1.8 million
Founded: Original settlement, early 1500s; Spanish colonization, late 1700s
Weather: Generally hot and sunny, though the city gets all seasons in some fashion, being so close to both the coast and the mountains

Santa Noche is like many other large cities along the Californian coast - hot during the day, and even hotter at night. The city is known for its sweeping black-sand beaches and it's proximity to a a range of low, well forested mountains along the cities eastern limits. Settled many times over from the time of it's founding, the city boasts a hodgepodge of architecture that ranges from early 1800th century colonial to ultra modern depending on which district you land in.


When you choose settings within the city for your stories you will be presented with several tag options. The list below will give you an idea of what you might find in each district, though these are guidelines and not hard and fast rules. Please use this as a template for choosing the right area of the city you'd like to post in:
  • Docks - being a port city, Santa Noche has a large ocean-front piece of real estate. Separate from it's manicured black-sand beaches, the Docks are much more industrialized. With some small restaurants or tourist spots tucked here and there, this is by large a place for income and outgoing ocean-bound freight.

  • Downtown - think any metropolitan hub. Sky scrapers, cramped inner-city parks, traffic and folks squished in like sardines. Santa Noche has a well developed public transit system in the form of subways which run primarily under the downtown core.

  • Eastside - suburbia to a tee. Sprawling neighborhoods with manicured lawns, trees planted along boulevards that are dotted with white picket fences. Primary schools, strip malls, and all manner of everyday living can be found in this area.

  • The Hills - winding roads lead to private, gated driveways with hints at massive homes peeking through the expert landscaping. Built into the side of one of the low mountains, there are amazing views of the city and ocean from lookouts as well as the homes here.

  • National Park - once you hit the mountains everything gets pretty wild. The area just outside of the city limits to the east is a protected national park, with lush boreal forests, sequoia trees, creeks, lakes, and craggy mountains that are snow capped during the winter months.

  • Oldtown - consisting primarily of the main settlement, this area is located near the docks. You'll find the university, local government buildings, and access to the public beaches here. There are some large homes in Oldtown, along the beach, as well.

  • Red Light District - you name it, they've got it. Nightclubs, bars, strip clubs, brothels, and even pop-up street vendors selling things you'd never think to find in a big city like this. If it's illicit or illegal, you can find it here. This district feels a bit more like it's eastern coast counterparts, with some cobbled streets and decidedly French architecture.

  • Undercity - founded on sandy ground there is a portion of Santa Noche that had its foundations sink into the damp earth when it was first founded. Everything now is much more solid, but as a result, there is a portion of Santa Noche that has been forgotten and lays rotting beneath the ground. Intersected by part of the subway and the city's sewer system, the Undercity is a dark part of the city that most don't know exists.

Written by Nyx | Formatted by VHS
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