Red Light District The Rats Take a Field Trip; and Other Tails from the Wolf's Den.

Summer Raine

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Red Light District
Velvet Shadows

The gentle whoosh of the air-conditioning made, as was often the case in August, a gentle accompaniment to classical music that was blaring through the in-ceiling speakers of the Garou’s office. Für Elise, a Moura Lympany arrangement… The piano was enough to ease the vestiges of the headache that had settled in behind her eyes the moment the phone call had roused her earlier that morning.

Summer had left the club just a little after 3am, having paid out the visiting DJ and sent the last of her over-drunk patrons’ home in a cab, and with drive time she’d arrived home just before 4 – which meant she’d had exactly two hours of sleep before she’d been awoken by a ringtone she almost never heard. The opening few lines of Fly like an Eagle, the absolute banger from the 90’s hit film Space Jam had played before she’d wrestled her cellphone from under her pillow to hear a voice sweet enough to her that it almost… almost stopped her from growling back in response. They needed a meeting, and it needed to be today, before the club opened.

The two hours of sleep had let some very flattering bags settle in under the Ronin’s eyes, though her oversized sunglasses had seen to hiding those. When she’d arrived back to the club, Starbucks firmly in hand, the day-time security guard had seemed startled. In truth, so was she – it wasn’t often that she got to see her day shift security team, and the man on the desk looked… Well, disheveled might have been a very generous way to describe someone who was meant to be watching the doors of the premier brothel in Santa Noche. Without hesitation she’d sent him home, giving the excuse that she was going to handle the expected shipments for the day and spend time going over the books to see if there wasn’t enough in the budget to hire some competent security… Maybe one that could tuck in their shirt.

Once she’d reached the office and downed nearly half of what appeared to be something that was iced and most assuredly not a coffee, she’d turned on some music and sunk down into the plush leather chair behind her desk. It squeaked appreciatively as she’d leaned back, just the way it had when Summer had picked it up nearly a year ago – propping the heels of her black velvet ankle boots up onto the lip of the heavy cherry wood desk. The Garou had leaned her head back and resolved to relax as much as she was able before Lune Hammond arrived – along with whatever this little problem (read Cam Reed) they hadn’t wanted to bother her with over the phone.

Whatever it was, it had better have been worth her dragging her sorry ass out of bed before noon on a work night.

Before she let her eyes drift closed she gave the office one last glance; the tile floor gleamed dully with only the much muted light that made it through the triple paned and custom tinted window that took up floor to ceiling of one of the walls. The cabinets along the wall that framed the door were dim, the interior lighting that normally illuminated the shelving just as dark as the pot lights that dotted the ceiling. From her vantage point behind her desk she could watch that door between the pair of high backed, comfortably becushioned chairs that sat opposite her – which matched quite nicely the low couches that lined the wall opposite the window.

Maybe if she didn’t fall asleep in the chair, she could move to one of the couches… She did love options.
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